Domain vs Hosting: Explanation of the differences for beginners

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When you have created a website, the website should be published on a hosting and also the domain. Hosting and domain are two different things where this hosting is a server for storing your website data and a domain is an address that you created yourself.

Before you start publishing your website. Do you know the difference between hosting and the domain itself? Check out this article to find out in detail about domain vs hosting itself.

What is hosting?

Before going into more detail about domain vs hosting. First, we should know about hosting. Hosting itself is a place where you can store your website files such as images, videos, text, and other data. So in simple terms, hosting is a container where you can store your website files and you can display the results of your website on the internet.

What if we don’t want to use hosting but want to make the website we create live without hosting? Of course, this cannot be done because, hosting is a server where without hosting, your website will not be visible to users around the world. That’s the point of different domain vs hosting because you cannot live your website without hosting.

What is hosting?

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Types of hosting

Before you want to enter your website files into hosting. You have to know the types of hosting itself. What are the types of hosting? Take a good look at this article.

1. Shared Hosting

This hosting is a hosting whose work system shares the same servers and hosting resources. This type of hosting is a type that is cheap, but there is something you should know, this hosting has drawbacks. That is, the website that you have entered into this hosting will be slow if your website has high traffic and also if the data you have on the website that you create is fairly large. So, this hosting is not recommended if your website has high traffic and data. This hosting is recommended for you.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

This type of hosting is hosting that is divided into several servers, where each server has its operating system. The advantage of this hosting is that it has the stability to handle high traffic or if you need high website data software. This hosting is also very suitable for those of you who have an e-commerce-type website. The drawback of this hosting is that you need high technical management as well because as said earlier this hosting has several servers that have their operating systems.

3. Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting has a system connected to the cloud. This hosting will dynamically manage your website data system according to your needs. Cloud hosting is also useful for those of you who have website traffic and high resources, such as if you have an e-commerce website and need high flexibility and scalability. the drawbacks of this hosting are, the price is expensive when compared to VPS and shared hosting.

4. Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is hosting that you can say only if you already understand about hosting setup because this hosting is special hosting where you have full control to be able to do it with your settings according to your needs. This type of hosting is highly recommended if you have a large business and have high traffic. The disadvantages of this hosting are that the price is quite expensive and you have to have high technical skills to manage this hosting.

5. WordPress Hosting

This hosting is useful for you if the website you have created is based on WordPress. However, if your website is not based on WordPress, it is not recommended to use this hosting. With this hosting, you can do performance optimization easily and also, the price is very cheap because it is very friendly for beginners.

Type of hosting

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What is Domain?

After we discuss hosting, now we will discuss the domain which will be the topic of domain vs hosting. Your domain is a unique address that you can set yourself according to your wishes. Having a domain will also be a distinct advantage for you, namely enhancing the professional image of your business branding or your branding.

As for determining a domain, it will also be a reminder for your customers to remember the website because, in this day and age, everyone already has their gadget. Creating a domain address that is relevant or easy for customers to remember, will increase traffic to your website.

What is domain?

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How to get a domain

To get a domain, you need to buy it on websites that already provide hosting and domains. Take it easy, we will recommend you several website hosting and domain providers, namely:

1. Niagahoster

Niagahoster is one of the largest hosting and domain services in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2013, Niagahoster has added additional services such as website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing. With so many services, Niagahoster is known for its responsive service with 24-hour service that you can always ask questions about your website problems and also, has high website security.

2. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the largest hosting and domain service providers in the world, with users reaching 20 million users who have registered their websites through Godaddy. Their service are domain registration, buying hosting, and email hosting and there is also a feature, namely SSL which is very important for the security of your website. They has also recently expanded into website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital advertising services.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a company that provides the largest hosting and domain services in the world and has been running since 2004. It is based in Lithuania and did you know that this hosting already has 29 million customer users. 

Hostinger itself is also known as a place that has good security and a variety of user-friendly features, one example is the user-friendly control panel feature for beginners. With the best service provided by this hosting, the hostinger has also won the “Best Affordable Hosting” award from HostAdvice in 2021.

We recommend these three hosting and domain providers because here you can get 24-hour service, and customer service will always be active to serve any problems that exist on your website. However, for you to determine the domain. Previously, you could visit a website address called Whois. Which, here you can check in advance whether the domain address you want has someone else using it or not.

People want to know how to got domain

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Domain vs hosting: Conclusion for Beginners

You can see the difference between the domain vs hosting with the naked eye, such as hosting, which is where you store various kinds of data such as photos, videos, and various other resources. Meanwhile, the domain is the address for the website name you want, which will invite traffic to visit your website, especially if your domain address is very easy for customers to remember.

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