How to Build Your SEO Career in 2024

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Most people who work outside of the marketing industry have probably never heard of the term SEO – including what it means. In marketing, it’s a familiar term given to marketers.

Due to the fact, you should know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works in almost all sectors. It relates to how a company’s website can be found on digital pages, including optimizing the access.

Our focus this time isn’t looking at what SEO is, but the people behind a professional SEO career – especially when you want to plan one.

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What is an SEO career?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. It means improving your website to increase its visibility or rank on search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing when people search for something. SEO responsibility is to set a content strategy of certain keywords or phrases that function to increase web traffic and ranking on various search engines.

Something we have to emphasize is that the results of SEO work do not come in a short time. Because SEO is consistent, just as a fine wine matures and improves with age, developing a richer, more complex profile, so does SEO effectiveness over time. This is because search engines value consistency, quality content, backlinks, and user engagement, all of which tend to accumulate and improve as a website ages.

Building an SEO Career

Historically, in the late 1990s to early 2000s, people don’t plan a career as an SEO professional. This happens for various reasons, such as getting stuck or not even knowing what kind of career plan to have. Nowadays, many marketers already know what SEO is.

Get the Strong SEO Basic

According to one study, over 93% of online journeys start with a search engine search. And guess what? Thats where your rank is super important. One study showed that the top spot gets nearly 30% of clicks, but by the time you hit number five, clicks drop to just 4%. And if you’re in ninth place? Only 1% bother clicking. So, ranking high is a big deal for any business’s success.

As SEO gets more complex and super crucial for pulling in web traffic, SEO professionals are now the go-to people on marketing teams. Plus, it’s not just for the specialists. Everyone, from interns to the big boss, should have a handle on SEO basics.

Get to Know your SEO Gears

SEO isn’t just about throwing keywords around. To truly nail your content across different search engines, searching styles, display formats, and even on social media needs a well-thought-out strategy. Yep, it’s a lot of effort and planning.

But hey, there are awesome local seo tools out there to make your life easier. These tools can help with researching, analyzing, creating, formatting, posting your content, and keeping track of what’s hitting the mark or missing it.

Some tools are the platforms you use, like Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising for SEM, and the social media sites for your organic posts. Then, there are analysis tools linked to these platforms, think Google Analytics or Google Trends.

To really get the hang of these tools, start with understanding how search engines work like how they crawl sites and index pages; what meta descriptions, on-page optimization, and answer boxes are; the wonders of Google Search Console, rich snippets, and the data highlighter; and the ins and outs of pay-per-click ads, ad groups, and retargeting campaigns.

Putting Your SEO Skills to Work

Getting handy with the digital tools is just the beginning of your journey in SEO Career. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to level up with advanced content optimization techniques and crucial soft skills, like being a strategic thinker, which is key to your SEO game plan.

A great way to get better at this is just by doing it, swing around your own SEO campaigns and play around to figure out what hits the mark and what misses. Then is the time to dive into technical SEO, which means tweaking your website’s technical side to help it rank better and be more visible. This includes making sure your site is easy to index, render, and navigate for speedy web crawlers. If you’re running a small business, working at a startup, or consulting, chances are you’ll need to get hands-on with these technical tweaks yourself.

Don’t be shy to experiment even if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing. Just start applying what you know, tweak things, and watch the impact. Even after you’ve got a good grip on these skills, there’s always more to learn, like checking your ads for fraud, tweaking your HTML tags’ microdata, or speeding up your website’s load time.

Show off your Skills in your Own Website

Now, take it up a notch by applying those skills to your own site. It’s the perfect way to prove you’re an SEO pro and catch the eye of future employers.

Just like you, other SEO professionals are doing their thing too. To make your site really pop, you have to be dynamic – and a killer move is to get active outside your site. Dive into the community by guest posting or writing articles on other sites. This not only marks you as an expert but also boosts your site through traffic and backlinks, which are gold for your ranking.

Expanding your network has a huge payoff. Starting online is a given for an SEO guru, but don’t miss out on face-to-face chances to connect with folks in digital marketing, promotions, UX design, and advertising. It’s all about spreading your wings both online and offline.

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Where is the SEO career path?

Agency life is the most common in the SEO career route, and it’s the best option to start with. Generally, you are in a team where many talented people share their knowledge for free.

The next stage is much more advanced, namely directing the marketing agency. Agency life is the way to go while finding if SEO Carrer is for you. This requires a lot of knowledge, and discipline to meet the deadline, but its bold step forward is needed for a better career in SEO.

One other way you can take is to break away from the agency by becoming a corporate consultant or take a part in SEO class. This will put you in a much higher position and only can be taken if you master it.

Another one would be becoming a freelancers. This could be way if you’re looking to strengthen your SEO skillset as a novice.

Interestingly, professional SEO environments are very flexible, you can work with WFH or WFO. So, an SEO career can make your life and work balance. 

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Skills and Tools to a SEO career?

SEO is related to Search engines (Google, Bing, etc). Furthermore, you must understand copywriting skills, keyword research, backlink, analytical thinking, In-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms, basic web coding, and SEM. Beyond that, we believe you understand that soft skills are required, such as communication, teamwork, ethics, etc.

If you are serious about pursuing an SEO career, the best choice right now is to attend various SEO-related courses and training. This will help you understand the terms used in SEO as well as explore the possibility of getting to know lots of people with the same interests.

To help your SEO career some tools need to be mastered. SEO tools that you must master are WordPress or any CMS, Google Trends, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Semrush, SERank etc.

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Final Words: Build SEO career Now

SEO careers are complex, you can plan it as soon as possible if you are serious in pursuing it. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, competition is growing every day. If you want to learn more about SEO, you can try riding our SEO blog such as Types of SEO and SEO for business

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