Tagline and Slogan: 4 Things What You Need to Know

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Companies have a way to communicate with their customers and target market to let them know the brand’s values and what it represents. One of the most effective ways is through the use of taglines and slogans. Not only does it add a character to your brand, it also represents your brand as a whole.

Understanding the purpose of a tagline and a slogan can help you promote your business effectively. Read more about what you need to know about tagline and slogan and the importance of both for your business.

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What is a Tagline?

Tagline is commonly defined as a reiterated phrase identified with an individual, group, or product. It is usually used by companies in advertisements so people will recognize it and its products. A tagline is a great way to add character to your brand.

Why is a Tagline Important?

Almost everyone wants to be remembered. An individual might do some charity work or excel at something to be recognized, but it is not a must for individuals. However, it’s different when it comes to businesses, they need to be remembered and recognized.

Businesses each have different tactics to help them gain recognition and one of them is through the use of taglines. Taglines help people notice a certain product just by hearing that tagline alone. For example, “Just Do It” , we all know what brand that is, right? By using taglines, businesses stand out and become memorable to people. The impact a good tagline creates can do wonders for your brand and it also helps portray the character of your brand.

To really understand the importance of a slogan, let’s take a closer look at McDonald’s iconic ”I’m Lovin’ It” slogan.

1. The Turnaround

2002 was a challenging time for McDonald’s, the brand was in serious decline and customers thought the brand was no longer relevant. Now, one of the key aspects of the McDonald’s reversal was leadership marketing which addressed the brand’s lack of relevance. The launching of the “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan was one of the visible outcomes. It was launched in 2003 and 20 years later it is still the slogan.

How we communicate to consumers is quite important. Previous McDonald’s campaigns almost always focused on telling customers what what to do and how to feel, i.e. ‘You Deserve a Break Today’ and ‘We do it all for you’.

2. The ‘I’ Voice

In order to better appeal to their audience, McDonald’s had to change the way they spoke. They called the new tone the tagline digital marketing ‘I’ voice. It lets customers express what they love about McDonald’s. The “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan spoke of the simple pleasures of everyday life.

The action McDonald’s digital marketing company tagline took in creating the ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ slogan wasn’t simply a creative action. They changed how they approached customers all in all. McDonald’s went from losing all the attention to being the centre of attention. After the launch of the new slogan, sales went up and the share price soared!

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The Difference Between Tagline and Slogan

Now that we already know what a slogan for digital marketing and a digital marketing tagline is, the bigger question is what’s the difference? It’s actually quite simple. While both taglines and slogans are marketing tactics used to create a lasting impression, they serve a different purpose.

1. Tagline > Connects, Slogan > Sells

Taglines create a connection between a brand and a specific idea. Slogans, on the other hand, sell a product or promote a certain brand. Usually, the writing you see on the packaging of a certain product and in commercials is the slogan intended to sell or promote that product. When you buy a KFC bucket, for example, you’d often see ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ printed or being said in advertisements. Slogans are specifically targeted to give customers something to associate with the brand.

2. Different Intent

In terms of intent, taglines are different. Instead of being used to sell or promote, taglines urges customers to connect a brand to a specific idea. Disneyland’s ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ is a good example. Taglines are often used by businesses who want to create a strong brand identity. Both taglines and slogans play an important role in marketing, so you should take advantage of it.

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Characteristics of a Good Slogan and Tagline

1. Alignment with the Brand

A tagline and slogan is a piece of everything your company does, therefore it has to fit with everything your brand stands for. Make sure your tagline/slogan represents your brand properly.

2. Short

Ideally, a great tagline and slogan is 2-4 words and no longer than 7-8 words. The short phrase should be able to attract and stick to customers.

3. Easy to Understand

Some companies try to get too creative in their tagline and slogan by including industry specific terms or acronyms that some customers or target market might not understand. Try to make your tagline/slogan as simple as possible, that a kid should be able to understand it.

4. Memorable

An effective tagline and slogan should be memorable to customers and the target market. How to make it memorable? By making a connection to the customers and target market.

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Tagline and Slogan are both important for a brand. Knowing how to use them properly can help your business reach its goals and targets. Tagline is focused on adding a character and value to a brand while slogan is focused on promotional and advertising purposes.

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