Facebook Collaborative Ads (CPAS) for Your Business

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Facebook Collaborative Ads How it Helps Small Business

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Facebook Collaborative ads were launched in 2018 as a method for brands and retailers to advertise products together. Since then, they’ve been available worldwide, and Google’s Shopping campaigns, which were released in 2019, have allowed brands to help retailers promote specific items. In this blog, we’ll examine how brands can use Facebook’s technology to boost sales via their retail partners’ platforms with Facebook Collaborative Ads.

What are Facebook collaborative ads?

Facebook collaborative ads make it simple and safe for retailers (merchant) to run performance marketing campaigns for their products, driving sales on the retailer’s website or mobile app. Brands can alluring sales by using collaborative ads to advertise their products. They can also measure and optimize ad effectiveness by using collaborative ads.

Every collaborative ad served will use the retailer’s catalog and direct the consumer to the retailer, but the brand (the manufacturer of those products) will have the opportunity to influence the sale of their own items. The partnership between the brand and retailer is strengthened as a result of the collaboration, as well as generating more revenue for both parties. According to Facebook, the procedure is ‘simple and safe.’ There is little overhead, and because the procedure is so standardized, any significant issues are unlikely to occur.

Selecting the correct retailer (merchant) partner for a brand is very easy. The brand needs to have an operating online store on the retailer platform. With the brand’s omnichannel eCommerce strategy, it will quickly decide which retailer is worth teaming up with.

The list of retailer taking part in Facebook Collaborative Ads varies by region. In Indonesia, for example, brands can partner with Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, Shopee and more. To either locate a partner or to put in an application as a new retailer partner, go to the Retailer Partner Directory.

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Why Facebook Collaborate Ads is Important?

The connection between brands and retailers has always been crucial, but this alliance has grown more complicated with the rise of eCommerce (particularly direct-to-consumer marketing). Because brands must get involved in digital and performance marketing in order to stay competitive, new strategies must be adopted and consumers must be connected to them more directly.

Maintaining positive relationships with their retail partners is more important than ever before. Brands and retailers don’t want to compete against each other for customers; instead, they need a fresh approach to working together. They rely on cooperation to compete with other firms and accumulate resources. Collaborative ads are a powerful approach to accomplish this.

In addition, many businesses don’t have the tools or resources to begin with digital performance marketing on their own. While some brands have strong eCommerce websites or an existing presence on popular marketplaces, many still rely on retailers to advertise and sell items. Collaborative ads, therefore, help these brands utilize channels such as Facebook to generate not just general top-of-the-funnel campaigns but also sales.

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Starting out and understanding your Facebook Collaborative Ads value

With facebook collaborative ads format, brands can obtain a variety of information. They are not just contributing a few ad dollars to assist retailers; they are provided a toolkit to run digital marketing initiatives efficiently and mostly independently. With these ads, collaborating brands can both track campaign performance and the results of their advertisements. They can learn where and how advertisements are driving revenue.

To initiate the process of utilizing collaborative ads, there are three fundamental steps that must be taken:
1. Retailers must verify their Facebook pixel and mobile SDK.

2. Retailers are required to establish a product catalog segment, which they will then share with their partnered brands via the Business Manager platform.

3. Brands run in performance marketing campaigns featuring their products.

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What is the Benefit of Facebook Collaborative Ads for your business?

Prior to the introduction of Facebook Collaborative Ads, brands with strong eCommerce sites or popular marketplace stores had a difficult time leveraging digital marketing to their advantage. Because they largely relied on retailers to advertise and sell their goods, they were largely reliant on retailers to advertise and sell their goods. Thanks to Facebook Collaborative Ads acting as the go-between, brands may now advertise and sell their entire inventory without relying on retailers.

Brands can benefit from Collaborative Ads in the following ways.

  1. Assisting customers in making the right choice by emphasizing and showcasing relevant products.
  2. Measurement can be done more accurately.
  3. Advertisements that exist prior to a product availability or price change can be automatically updated.
  4. All aspects of the campaign’s performance can be accessed in real-time.
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How do Facebook Collaborative Ads work?

Here is an example of how Facebook Collaborative Ads work. You run an online store on Tokopedia that sells bags, but you don’t have a standalone e-commerce store, you rely on Tokopedia to market your store online.

With Facebook Collaborative Ads, you can now create ads that highlight your store’s best products or any other items you want to boost sales for. Facebook will show the ad to consumers who are most likely to buy it. Tokopedia will redirect them to your store either through the website or mobile app, thereby helping them complete their purchases quickly. Through Facebook Collaborative Ads, sellers or brands on Tokopedia can advertise as if they had their own e-commerce store, as Facebook can easily manage and measure ad campaigns to increase sales.

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Final Words

In the near future, other channels and advertising platforms will likely become competitors to Facebook and Google’s collaborative ad offerings. Hopefully, brands will continue to benefit from new opportunities as a result of these efforts. Stay tuned for new developments!

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