Why Online Presence Matters for a Successful Business

Nov 3, 2021Digital Marketing

What is Online Presence?

In this digital age, you may have heard many times that having an online presence is essential for business. Why is it important? Does it matter for businesses of any size? These thoughts might have come to mind.

Simply put, online presence is being present online no matter where your audience is and how easy it is for them to find you or any brand or company. And it has a significant impact on your business that makes it important for any kind of business of any size. Read on to understand why online presence matters for your business. 

Your Audiences and Competitors are Online

The main reason why an online presence is important for any kind of business size is because your audiences and competitors are online. Based on Data Portal, the total number of global internet users is up to 4.66 billion people per October 2020. It is equivalent to 60% of the total global population.

The annual growth of internet users worldwide is up to 7.4 % and the percentage of people searching online for products and services to purchase is 82%. Therefore you must be online. If not, then potential customers will be lost. Having a strong online presence is essential to survive and grow your business. 

Increases Accessibility

An online presence helps your business to be accessed easily. When your audiences type any keywords that are related to your business on search engines or social media, they will find your business effortlessly. It brings more traffic to your site and increases conversion. 

When your site or social media can be found easily, it will be easier for you to brand your business. Audiences can get a lot of information about your business, product, and services conveniently. 

By having a strong online presence, it is not only easy for your audience to find your site, but also the products and services you offer, customer reviews, social media, and e-commerce address. 

Reach Wider Audiences

Online presence also helps you reach wider audiences. When your business is online already, especially if it has a good online presence, your business will appear in front of those who are interested in the same products or services as well as what you offer. Now, you have already reached new potential customers.

People that previously didn’t know your brand existed and didn’t know anything about your brand, will now know it. To get maximum results, link your site to your social media. The stronger the online presence the more you can reach potential customers. 

Build Trust and Credibility

They will see your value. People tend to choose a brand that they trust and has great credibility. Credibility reflects the quality of a business. Therefore online presence is important. Here is a simple guide to build a strong online presence that boosts your business. 

Nowadays people tend to search for information before deciding to purchase products or services. When they see you exist every time they type relevant keywords to your business, they will take their time to see your product and services. They will put you on the list and consider choosing your brand, especially if you have good reviews from other customers. 

Build a Relationship with Your Audience

Besides a website, social media is another great channel to build an online presence. Existing on social media helps connect and build a closer relationship with your audiences. You can communicate with them in person and maintain them to stay with your brand. It builds customer loyalty. 

It also helps a business to be a “human”. Get to know more about your audiences, and know what they need and like. You will get more chances to grow your business from this. 

Go All Out and Indulge in the Benefits

Online presence is a great way to make good first impressions with your audience. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have an online presence, and go all out on it. Above are just several benefits of having an online presence. Share your experience on building an online presence with us down in the comments. 

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