How To Create a Website on Blogger In 3 Steps? Easy!

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What is Blogger?

There are many ways to build your own website. One of the platforms that allow you to build a free website is Blogger or Blogspot. Blogger is owned by Google so you don’t have to worry about server downtime and other issues. There are hundreds and thousands of free templates for Blogger which give a professional look to your website. With Blogger, your blog will gain many benefits. The website will be fast loading because the platform is already optimised by Google itself. Everything is handled by Google, think indexing, security, and hosting. What you need to do is build it. Ready to find out how? Keep on reading!

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Learning How to Create a Website on Blogger

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So, how to create a website on Blogger?

Step 1: Join Blogger

The first thing to do is to sign in to and create a new blog then choose the name of your blog. Make sure your blog name is easy to read and memorable. Moreover, to minimise choosing a name already taken, try adding small words like “a”, “my”, “best”, or “the”.

Step 2: Make your first post.

After finishing the registration on Blogger, you can start with your first post. Writing a post on blogger you can write as a word processor, and have enrichment characters to formatting options like bold, italic, numbered or bulleted list, etc. It also provides a hyperlink for the readers to other Web Pages, to file, etc. If you want to insert images and videos, it has a maximum size of 8MB and 100MB.

Choose a template for your blog from the provided template to customise the appearance of your blog. If you want to decide later on, just set it on default and change it later. That way you can go ahead and start writing your first post as you decide how you want to customise your template.

By default, the comments section is available for the users and if you want to disable it on a certain post, click the “options” link. Blogger also has more advanced customization for you and can directly tweak the code by clicking “Edit HTML”. Remember, while writing, to save your post although the draft is automatically saved at regular intervals. To put it online, just click on “Publish Post”, then check your post on “Publications” also it is possible to remove a blog post on it.

Step 3: Customise your Blogger Appearance

To change the appearance of your blog and add different graphic elements, click on “Layout”. Layout options allow you to choose a different template, be aware that all the changes made from the fonts and colours will be cancelled so we recommend you to choose a priority model before changing the layout of your blog. While changing the appearance of your blog, you can also insert additional elements such as slideshow, polling, list of links, etc by clicking “Add a Page Element”.

Optimising the blog's appearance is essential in making the blog interesting for your readers. Think of it as decorating your store. The better it's done, the more likely your customers will stay and spend more time on it. That is the goal, after all. So, make sure to spend enough time in polishing your blog's appearance.

Ready to make a blog on

Once you’ve completed all the steps, voila! Your website on is ready and available to your audience. You need to start regularly posting to gain popularity, readership, and awareness. Share your blog with friends and your social media account to reach more people.

Still have questions? Or lack the time to do it properly? Try getting in touch with a digital marketing agency instead. Don’t hesitate to contact us to optimise your website and make it reach more audiences. Split your burden with us and let us do the magic!