Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips To Try Right Away

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Valentine’s Day Marketing is a Must 

The big celebration of love is approaching fast, and it’s high time businesses must get ready to start doing Valentine’s Day marketing. It’s important to be active during this time because Valentine’s Day can be a great way to boost sales and brand awareness, if you know what to do. 

You don’t have to be in the flower, chocolate, or accessories industry to make the most out of this special day. Just be sure to have an idea of what kind of promotion or deals you’ll be doing. Once that’s sorted out, start spreading out the word online. 

Ready to spread love all around? Let’s go!

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Here’s a small list of Valentine’s Day promotion ideas for businesses. Not all the tips may be suitable for your business, so choose ones that you can implement. However, keep the ones you can’t in mind and try to modify it if you can. 

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Offer Couple’s Discounts 

Pretty obvious, right? Couple’s Discounts are a great way to attract attention to what you offer during Valentine’s Day. Many couples will be wondering what things to get or what activities to do, so be sure to have this ready. 

For example, you can offer a special price for a couples massage or a special price for a purchase of two products. Couples will be drawn to make the best of the deals available and are more likely to use your product or services. 

Free Gifts 

Spread the love all around by giving out simple gifts to your customers. It doesn’t have to be anything big for fancy. It can be things like chocolate, candy, or other little treats that you give a customer for every purchase they make. 

Take a little time to find out what works best for your business and customers. As an extra bonus, you can never go wrong by adding a small card with words of celebration for Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day Experience 

Not everyone is a couple on Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get the experience. Businesses that provide services can opt to give customers a Valentine’s Day experience.

For example, therapy centres can make Valentine’s Day packages that offer customers a chance to pamper themselves. This can be done by offering an hour spa treatment, using a special scrub, etc. Theme of pampering oneself or others is popular during this time, so find ways to do it. 

Valentine’s Day Marketing: Let’s Go Digital 

Now that you’re all set with a promotion idea, what’s next? It’s time to spread the word around. No matter how well you’ve planned it, if nobody knows about it then it will be all for naught. Here are some ways you make the best of digital marketing during Valentine’s Day. 

Special Valentine’s Day Section 

Create a special Valentine’s Day section on your website or Instagram highlights. Creating this special section allows people to know exactly where to look to get the information they need to make a Valentine’s Day purchase. If the info you provide is placed all over the place, it’ll take too much time to actually find anything they like. 

Position the Products or Services As Unique 

Try to position the products or services offered as a non-typical Valentine’s Day gift. Regardless of whether it is actually a typical gift or not, it’s important to pay attention to how you talk about it online. Carefully write the caption or design the pamphlets in a way that shows how unique your products or services are. Make people think that the services or products you offer are something that would make others smile when they get it.

Valentine’s Day Hashtags 

If you are big on marketing on Instagram, then hashtags are crucial to be able to lead the game. Use hashtags that already exist to catch the attention of customers that haven’t already followed your business account. Then, try to create a special hashtag for the promotion or package that you are doing to ease people who are looking for it. Take time to do research to choose and make a hashtag that suits your business best. 

Valentine’s Day? Here We Come!

Listed above are just a few of the many kinds of promotions you can do. A few others you can try are special promotions for employees, pets, or even one’s based on gender. All in all, it’s important to try to encourage your customers to treat themselves or others on this special day. 

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