Instagram Marketing Tips That Beginners Should Know

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Why Use Instagram for Marketing?

Creating a social media account is one thing, and managing it is another. Businesses need to know simple Instagram marketing tips to help make their time promoting online worthwhile. At the moment, Instagram is easily one of the most popular social networks worldwide. People don’t just use it for personal use anymore, it’s also a platform that allows brands to showcase products and interact with their audience.

According to, the percentage of people using Instagram in Indonesia is roughly 33.2% of Indonesia’s entire population, with 52.6% percent being female and 47.4% male. Worldwide, Instagram has more than 1 billion users using the app every month. Instagram has shared that 200 million users check out at least one business profile each day. 

Instagram is a handy tool to help a business increase brand awareness, as well as to introduce new products or services. It allows businesses to promote brand, product, and services in a friendly and genuine way. Businesses have also used Instagram as a tool to inspire their audience with relevant contents. 

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A Good First Impression Can Work Wonders

A good question to ask yourself is, when a person clicks on your profile, what is the first thing that they see? 

The first few things that they’ll see is most likely your profile picture, biography, and recent posts. A good profile must show enough information, but at the same time not so much that it ends up being overdone and irrelevant. 

Be sure to clearly show who you are and what you do or offer. Instagram bio only offers 150 characters, which is a lot to ask for from a small space. Use it wisely to make a good first impression.

Here’s a breakdown of the Instagram profile: Name, username, website (clickable URL that you can change anytime), category (a feature on Instagram business that tells people what your business is about), and contact info to tell people where to find you. 

Use a Business Account on Instagram

Having a business account allows businesses to access more features on Instagram. A popular feature is scheduling posts on Instagram. Instagram has made the process of scheduling posts a whole lot easier, where you can now automatically publish posts on the platform. This feature is essential for a seamless flow of content posting. 

Another advantage of a business profile is that it can track performance with Instagram insights. The Instagram business account gives you access to a built-in analytics tool, Instagram Insights, that can provide detailed information about engagement rates, brand sentiments, traffic, as well as conversions and revenues generated

Use Hashtags Wisely

A key way to increase visibility and discoverability on Instagram is by choosing the right hashtags. Hashtags have become a powerful tool to organize content, increase engagement, and help people find your account with ease.   All in all, you can use up to 30 hashtags in a post. However, it’s probably best not to do that. Too many hashtags appear spammy, and might actually lead you to lose followers rather than gain them. 

The most common consensus is that it is good to start with about 8 to 11 hashtags. The hashtags can then be divided into hashtags about the post, the brand, and the service or product you offer. Thus creating a balance in  the amount and distribution of the hashtags used. 

Tip: Take time to research hashtags before using them. 

Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Yes, creating visually compelling content is essential. However, to maximize the results you may get, make the most out of Instagram stories. Instagram stories provide the opportunity to connect with audiences and build relationships. 

Some of the best ways to use Instagram stories for business, something called “tell a story”.  Have a message in mind, and try to tell it to your audience. It can even be something that is happening at the moment. Provide value for your audiences by providing valuable information on the stories. Another thing is to use a call to action. Use the “swipe up” feature to add outside links, and explain to the followers by text why they should swipe. 

Stories will disappear after 24 hours. Use Instagram highlights to create an album and archive your stories there. That way, no one will miss out on the content posted on your

Find More Instagram Marketing Tips

Keep in mind that things like this take time and there must always be room for improvement. Take it easy, and keep on learning what’s best to do for your business. Find more information on Instagram  marketing on our blog. Need someone to consult with? Feel free to contact one of favorite Digital Marketing Agency in Bali , Pixie Digital