Galentine’s Day Promo Ideas for Small Businesses

February is awaited by many for the infamous Valentine’s Day. It’s the day where love is celebrated all over the world. As we all know, it’s mostly romantic love that people celebrate on this day. But, what about the other kinds of love? 

There are so many different kinds of love that should be celebrated. There’s the kind of love you have for parents, but we celebrate that on Mother’s and Father’s Day. As for siblings, there’s even a National Siblings Day. What about friendship?

Luckily, that’s where Galentine’s Day comes in. This special day can be a good opportunity for growing businesses to boost awareness by creating promos and discounts. Keep on reading to find out more!

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What’s Galentine’s Day Anyway?

Galentine’s Day is a special day that was actually first celebrated in a TV series called Parks and Recreation. The episode “Galentine’s Day” aired in 2010. Although it started out as fiction, it has quickly gained popularity in the real world. 

As stated by Leslie Knope, the main character in Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating friendship in all forms. It’s typically celebrated a day before Valentine’s Day, on the 13th of February. 

Initially, Knope invented the holiday as a tribute to her girlfriends. However, over time some people have started to think of it as a celebration of friendship in general. That means that friendship between men and women can be celebrated on this day as well. That’s why sometimes the 13th of February is called Palentine’s Day, which is a more gender neutral term for the special day. 

Galentine’s Day Promo & Marketing Ideas

Boosting sales on a special day has a lot to do with how active you are on social media. This means creating sales promotions and making sure people can find it online. 

The 13th of February may have passed already, but that’s nothing to worry about. The thing about promos is that they don’t have to be posted on the exact day.

It can be done both before and after the special day. Think of it as a commemoration instead. For example, Galentine’s Day commemoration promo from the 15th of Feb ‘till the 18th of Feb, etc. 

Ready to get creative with promos and marketing? Let’s go! 

Bestie’s Promos & Packages

Create simple but unique bestie (best friend) packages. If you are a service provider, that means creating a promo where two or more people can get a special discount if they come together. If you sell products, then create packages where customers can get a discount for purchasing a minimum of two items. 

The difference with a Valentine’s Day promo or package is that on Valentine’s Day people tend to go as a couple. That means the promos are usually for two people only. However, on Galentine’s Day try to come up with promos or packages that are beneficial for more than two people. Keep it light and simple so it doesn’t end up burdening your small business instead. 

Customer’s Loyalty Programme 

Have you come to know your loyal customers? Well, it’s time to show them the love. Yes, Galentine’s Day is about the customers and their friends. That much is true. But, it can also be about the relationship you have with your loyal customers. 

Return the favour to them by giving them some special promos. For example, double points for purchasing during the time of the promo or perhaps you can give them a special gift with their purchase. 

Discounts Are Boring?

Giving discounts can feel boring, especially if you’ve just done it for a previous event. So, another thing you can do is to give little items to your customers. Think things like goodie bags, sweets or chocolates. If you’d like to go a little extra, try pens or photocards instead. 

Pens, photocards of popular bands, celebrities, artists, and well designed stickers are a great way to spread your love with your customers. Not only are they things that your customers can use in their everyday lives, it’s also a great way to boost brand awareness. Remember the times when you got to know about a certain brand because you saw the sticker on someone’s car or computer. In this case, spreading the love around really does help spread the word around too!

Social Media Contest

Drive engagement and boost your brand awareness by creating a social media contest for your audience. To give you a better idea, here’s an example: 

Ask your audience to create a picture with their best friends and post it on Instagram with a special hashtag that you will provide. Remember to ask them to tag at least 3-5 friends on the photo and to encourage others to join. The winner of the contest can get a special discount, a special item, or perhaps a pack of a newly released product. 

Another thing to try is to create a poll. Formulate a question that can help you get to know your customers. For example, “Which is your favourite candle scent?” Then, give a few options and invite your audience to choose an answer with a short explanation of why they choose it. Again, ask them to tag a few friends. Pick the winner randomly with a random name picker tool online. 

Tip: The prizes can be simple things like sample products, Gopay or phone credit, etc. 

Ready to Rock Galentine’s Day Marketing?

Every business has different circumstances and conditions. So, it can be hard to come up with a promo that is fun and worthwhile for the customers but doesn’t burden the business at the same time.

Try to be sincere and think of it as a celebration for your friends, too. This will help you build a smoother relationship with your future customers as you go. 

Still think it’s too hard? Or do you lack the time to properly plan for a promo and a digital marketing campaign? Try contacting a digital marketing agency and let them do the magic.