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Over the past few years, the development of internet technology has made it possible for every individual and business to establish their own online presence. For many startups and small projects, finding an affordable or even free hosting solution is a critical step in starting their digital journey. With a variety of options available, including free web hosting services, an important question arises: “How can we choose a service that meets our needs without compromising on quality?” In this article, we will explore the world of free web hosting, discuss the leading providers, as well as provide a practical guide to help you choose a hosting solution that suits your project and budget.


In the world of free web hosting, FreeHosting is one of the most attractive options that many beginners and small projects consider. Offers a number of features that make it stand out among similar service providers. With an allocation of 10 GB of disk space and unrestricted bandwidth, site owners have the flexibility to develop their content without worrying about resource restrictions.

Additionally, the platform provides PHP and MySQL support, allowing users to run dynamic web applications and use databases to store and manage information. Despite the free nature of this service, FreeHosting remains committed to providing a reliable hosting experience. Even so, it’s important to remember that, as with most free hosting services, there are certain limitations and trade-offs that need to be taken into account, and often an upgrade to a paid plan can be necessary as your site grows.

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Source: FreeHosting

Actually, the Free Account at Freehosting contains many limitations and risks that might harm not only the functionality but also the safety.

One major downside is that there is no free SSL certificate. The SSL certificates are key in the encryption of data sent between your website and the visitors, the very key to secure any form of sensitive information from interception by ill-minded people.

Most of the times, a free hosting service will not offer a free custom domain name. Instead, they offer a subdomain reflecting the name of the free hosting platform (e.g. yourwebsite.freehostingprovider.com). This might make your website appear unprofessional and may significantly affect the brand perception and the site’s remembrance by your target group.

The performance and speed of the site are hosted on free platforms, thus it could be very variable and unreliable.

Free hosting service provides one very strict guideline in the “Terms of Service,” where strict adherence is to be ensured. Violation of such terms, either deliberately or non-deliberately, may lead to very serious consequences, including website deletion without any prior warning.

Free Web Hosting: AwardSpace

Free web hosting service provider that offers a wide range of options for users looking for affordable hosting solutions. With 1 GB of disk space and 5 GB of bandwidth on its free plan, AwardSpace provides enough space for small projects and personal websites. The platform supports PHP and MySQL, allowing users to create and run dynamic websites. This Brand also provides a website builder that simplifies the process of creating a site without the need for in-depth coding knowledge.

While the free plan offers a decent amount of features, AwardSpace also provides an upgrade option to a paid plan with more features and greater resources. Server reliability and responsive customer support are some of the factors that make AwardSpace attractive to those looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting solution. Before deciding, it is important to understand the limitations on the free plan and evaluate your website’s specific needs.

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Source: AwardSpace

Choosing a free hosting website on AwardSpace, like many free hosting options, brings with it certain constraints that can significantly impact the functionality and user experience of your website. One of the most notable limitations of a free hosting account on AwardSpace is the slow loading speed of websites. Website speed is a crucial factor for user experience; slow loading times can frustrate visitors, leading to higher bounce rates and lower user engagement.

A free hosting website on AwardSpace comes with limited bandwidth, which can be quickly consumed, especially if your website attracts a reasonable amount of traffic or hosts large files, such as videos and high-resolution images.


One of the popular free web hosting service providers, offering no-cost hosting solutions for beginners and small projects. With InfinityFree, users can take advantage of a number of features that can help them build and manage their websites with ease. The service provides “unlimited disk space” and “unlimited bandwidth,” which means users have the freedom to store as much content as needed and serve traffic without any strict limitations.

Supports PHP and MySQL, allowing users to run dynamic web applications and use databases to store data. In addition, InfinityFree provides file management features through its own control panel, making it easy for users to manage their files and site configuration.

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Source: InfinityFree

Opting for a free web hosting service like InfinityFree brings with it a set of restrictions that could influence the operational effectiveness and overall experience of managing a website.

Forum-Based Support, primary limitations of using InfinityFree’s free hosting is that customer support is primarily forum-based. This means that if you encounter technical difficulties or have questions about your hosting service, your primary resource for help is a community forum.

Free hosting on InfinityFree may come with lower server performance compared to paid hosting options.

The Terms of Service (TOS) for InfinityFree and similar free hosting services can sometimes be vague or ambiguous. This ambiguity can leave users uncertain about what is allowed and what isn’t, potentially leading to unintentional violations of the TOS.


A well-known website building platform, which allows users to easily create websites without the need for in-depth programming or web design skills. Wix offers a suitable solution for beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to have an attractive online presence.

Key features of Wix include an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, a variety of attractive design templates, and flexibility in customizing the layout and elements of the website. Users can add various functions through the Wix app, such as contact forms, online stores, blogs and more.

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Source: WIX

Using a free website platform, such as the free account option on Wix, certainly comes with its set of limitations and drawbacks, despite the initial appeal of no cost. One of the primary disadvantages is the limited storage space provided. This can significantly restrict how much content, images, and videos you can host on your site, potentially hindering the growth and scalability of your website. Additionally, bandwidth limitations are imposed on free accounts, which can affect the loading speed and overall performance of your website. This is particularly detrimental if you experience a surge in traffic; your site might load slowly or become temporarily unavailable to some visitors.

Another notable limitation of using a free account on platforms like Wix is the absence of a free email. This means you cannot create a custom email address that matches your domain name, which is a critical element for establishing professionalism and brand identity in your communications.

Furthermore, free accounts often come with the condition that ads will be displayed on your website. These ads are controlled by the platform, not the website owner, which means you have no control over the content or placement of these advertisements.


Free web hosting solution that appeals to those who want to start their online journey without spending any money. By offering a sizable amount of disk space and enough bandwidth to handle moderate traffic, X10Hosting gives users the freedom to develop their websites. Support for PHP, MySQL, and popular hosting control interfaces like cPanel give users the freedom to run dynamic web applications and manage their websites with ease. Users also have the option to use their own domain or utilize the free subdomains provided by x10Hosting, giving them flexibility in defining their online identity.

While this free hosting service offers a sufficient range of features, x10Hosting also provides paid options with greater resources for those who require additional storage space and bandwidth. With the support of an active community on their forums, x10Hosting creates a friendly environment for users to share experiences and get help when building and managing their websites. Before deciding, it is advisable to understand the terms and conditions, as well as consider the specific needs of the website project you are designing.

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Source: X10Hosting

Opting for free web hosting with x10hosting presents a unique set of conditions that are crucial to consider for anyone planning to establish. 

X10Hosting does not provide a free custom domain for users of its free hosting services. However, x10hosting offers an alternative by allowing users to create a website using a subdomain of x10hosting (e.g., yourwebsite.x10hosting.com). 

One of the significant challenges with x10hosting’s free service is that server uptime is not guaranteed. Server uptime—the proportion of time a server is operational and accessible online—is a critical aspect of web hosting that affects a website’s availability to visitors. Inconsistent uptime can lead to frequent website downtimes, during which your site would be inaccessible to users.

x10hosting’s free hosting package does not include a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. SSL certificates are essential for encrypting data between a website and its visitors, ensuring secure transactions and protecting sensitive information from being intercepted.

Enjoy Your Explore Website With Free Web Hosting

Websites play an important role in marketing and branding. It is an effective tool for building a positive image and increasing visibility. Direct communication with customers can also be done through contact forms, live chat, or question and answer pages.

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