6 Simple Steps to Build a Website with Ease

Want to Build a Website? Let's Get Started

Website is an essential platform for today’s business or personal usage. It is a way for a company to communicate and get connected to the customer. As for personal usage, a website will be the best place to express your opinion, feeling, or anything that you want to share with the world. Now, are you interested in getting one? Here, we have simple methods to build a website that anyone can use, even the beginner. Best of all, the methods we have here are free.

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Build a Website: Girl with Computer

Choose the Website Builder

First of all, find the website builder. The website builder is a service that provides a platform with many tools you can use to create various elements on your website. Through the website builder as well, you can publish your website, which makes it active and ready to be visited by other people. You also can edit and maintain your website through the platform.

Here’s the all of website builder for you guys who want to build a website:


First, you should know about the website builder WordPress. WordPress is a free open-source software. if you are a writer and blogger, we recommend you for building a WordPress website. Besides making blogs, you can build a website in WordPress too. How do we build a website in WordPress? You can use plugin websites builders like Elementor and Beaver


Maybe you hear this name, One of the Website Builders that is in great demand by users because Weebly has a free hosting installation feature to publish the website that you create on Weebly. With so many features that you can put in it and also has a responsive design. It’s not impossible that Weebly is still in great demand among people.


So, this is recommended for those of you who are still beginners to build a website, so it’s called Wix. However, there are drawbacks that you should know about when using Wix, what are the drawbacks? Namely the website address, you can only use the domain “.wixsite” and there will be advertisements from Wix itself, this will happen when you only use free services and don’t make payments. However, the advantage of Wix is that you can build a website using only drag and drop, which will make it easier for you as a beginner to build a website.

Among many website builders you can find today, the easiest one would be the Wix website builder. It has the most complete tool to build a website, plus it is also free. Unfortunately, its complete set of tools tends to make beginners get confused. It requires knowledge and skill before you can use it effectively. So, for your first time, try other and simpler website builders, like GoDaddy builder. It is easy to use and free as well.

Create An Account

Once you decide on the website builder service that you want to use, visit its website. Then, make an account there to start your trip to building your first website. You will need a couple of minutes to create the account. Most of the time, it requires basic personal information, such as name, email address, and password to log into your account.

Choose the Template

Once you get the account, you can log in. Then, you will find a building mode or page where you can edit how your website looks and its functions. We recommend you use the template to save time. Every free website builder always has a template library where you can find many templates you can use for free. You can even modify some of those templates and create personalised looks for your website.

Choose the Subdomain for Your Website

Next, you should choose the subdomain. It is your website name. Many free website builders already provide the subdomain when you make the account and use their template. When you enter the domain name for your website, make sure it is unique, so it won’t be the same as another website.

Modify Your Website

Now, you are ready to create the website appearance that you want. Use the editing tool to add colours, text, choose the font style, create the page on your website, and many more. For the first time, you can use the tutorial provided by the website builder.

The tutorial helps you to know the flow of website design. Plus, it also ensures that you won’t miss anything that can cause a problem on your website after you publish it. Once you are familiar with it, you can use it for free.

Optimise Your Site Settings

Lastly, you should optimise your website. You have to adjust the basic metadata, favicon, social media links, and many more. It might be difficult to do without proper knowledge about website designing. But you can use the default setting to make things easier.

Conclusions on How to Build a Website

Once you finish all six steps above, you can hit the Publish button to activate your website. That’s what you need to know about how to build a website. The result might not be as good as the big and popular website. But you can use it as a starting point to learn more and create a much better website in the future.

Building a website can be pretty simple. But maintaining and developing one can be a lot of work. Looking for a digital marketing agency to help with your website maintenance and development? Contact a digital marketing agency based in Bali to help you out!